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How can I find out the approximate Due Date?

The Due Date day of conception is the day you are pregnant for the first time, but most people do not count pregnancy from this day. That’s because what day you ovulate and conceive the (Owulet) and what day, there is no reliable way of knowing it. Also, you can calculate your due date with the help of the above Due Date Calculator.
Even if you have intercourse only once in your fertile days, you don’t need to conceive only then. The sperm may remain for a few days until the ovum arrives in your Fallopian tube. When the egg reaches there, the sperm fertilizes it, and you are pregnant.
In such a situation, how can the date of delivery be ascertained if the pregnancy is not known? For this, in the way the doctors adopt, they are your last Calculate from the first day of menstruation (LMP).
Your pregnancy should last approximately 282 days, i.e. nine calendar months and seven days or even 40 weeks. So, to find out the possible date of birth of the baby, combine this period of pregnancy with the first day of your last menstrual period.

What If the Menstrual Period Is Regular? 

Although, it is difficult to find the exact due date in this manner. If your menstrual period is regular and it starts every time in the predicted 28 days, then this calculation gives more reliable results. You can also use our DU date calculator to find out the possible date of birth. When you go to the doctor for the first checkup after
Pregnancy is detected; only then does she calculate your estimated due date. The doctor will write this due date on your pregnancy file. You can see that the doctor has written the estimated time of delivery (expected date of birth) or due date by EDD.

Ultrasound Test.

But keep in mind that many women have different menstrual periods. Thus, calculating from the first day of the last menstrual period may not give you reliable results. Your first ultrasound scan (between six and nine weeks), also called a dating and viability scan will reveal a more precise due date of birth.
Ultrasound doctor (sonographer) will find out how many weeks you are pregnant by looking at your baby on the screen. They detect the stage of pregnancy by looking at your baby on the screen and measuring it.
Infant first trimester grows and develops at the same rate. So measuring your baby at this stage is an excellent way to know how many weeks and days you are pregnant. The sonographer will also see if there are twins or more babies in your womb.


If for some reason, the doctor feels that the due date is not coming right, then she can also change it if the baby seems too big or small compared to the stated due date. Then the doctor will adjust the due date based on the development of the baby. They will then decide all your checks and check-ups as per this new due date.
Of course, you should keep in mind that the due date calculation is always approximate [Our Due Date Calculator Also Estimated]. And no one can tell when the baby will be born. Very few babies are born on their scheduled birth date.
The delivery of most women begins two weeks before or after the estimated date. Yet, if the delivery does not start by the 39th or 40th week. Then the doctor can induce your labor ( pregnancy) by looking at your pregnancy.
So, consider your due date as an estimate, and it can help you prepare for childbirth and childbirth.