10 home tests to see if you are pregnant. Homemade safe tests.

Cheap, easy, and quick home pregnancy tests.

Before the pharmacy pregnancy tests existed, our grandmothers already had their own homemade pregnancy tests. They are simple tests with materials that everyone has in their home and that does not involve any risk, they are safe tests. 

We show you what are the 10 home tests to know if you are pregnant more popular. 

Homemade pregnancy tests to find out if you are pregnant

You may believe that they are simple superstitions, although there are many women who claim that in their case they have worked, although there is no scientific evidence of this. 

In almost all of them, you will need to collect your urine, if possible, the first urine in the morning, and some simple utensils such as a glass cup, a needle, oil, vinegar or toothpaste. 

What are the homemade pregnancy tests scientifically based on?

In reality, all pregnancy tests have the same objective: to detect the hCG hormone or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin that is in the urine and that is secreted in higher doses when we get pregnant.

That is why it is essential that the test is done with the first urine in the morning, at which time more hormone accumulates. 

This is the basis of the pharmacy pregnancy tests and the blood tests that the doctor makes us, and that really are the only ones that have a high percentage of effectiveness. 

Are home pregnancy tests reliable?

Although many women say that they worked for them, the truth is they have a high error rate.

It is more about corroborating something that we already suspect, or trying it out as a fun game.

But if you really need to know if you are pregnant, do not take the risk just with these tests. Since there is a good chance that they will not work for you. 

When can I start taking the test?

In the first weeks of pregnancy, your body has not yet released too much hCG hormone. So all pregnancy tests, including the pharmacy test, can be negative even if the result is positive. 

It is always best to wait two to three weeks since we suspect we may be pregnant. 

When the hormones that are secreted in pregnancy begin to act in your body, you will usually also feel other symptoms that can reveal you if you are pregnant, such as more sensitive or bulky breasts, abdominal pain similar to that of menstruation or ovulation, a delay in your period or morning sickness. 

That you have lightly stained the panties is not an indication that you are going to lower your period since some women stain slightly in the first days of pregnancy in what is called implantation bleeding. 

Types of home pregnancy test very easy to perform

1- Vinegar test  to see if you are pregnant

Surely the most popular test among our grandmothers since we all have vinegar at home. In this test, you should collect the morning urine in a glass cup. Better if you have boiled it before to sterilize it. 

Add a large spoonful of vinegar to the urine and let stand about 20 minutes without stirring. If a foam form or the mixture changes color, you are pregnant, if it remains normal it is negative. 

2- Soap test. Home pregnancy test

You will need an unused soap bar, much better if it is made of rennet or Lizard soap. Then, collect your urine in a clean glass.

In addition, in a glass bowl introduce the bar of soap. Pour the urine over the soap until it is completely covered and shake. If the soap bubbles and foams, the result is positive, if there is no reaction it is negative. 

3- Vaginal discharge test to confirm your pregnancy

This is one of the few tests in which you will not need urine, but simply observe the color of your vaginal discharge.

During the woman’s menstrual cycle the flow changes in texture and color, but when we get pregnant the flow becomes a light color, almost transparent and does not change throughout the month.

If you have a very clear flow, it is a symptom that you may be pregnant. 

4- Homemade needle pregnancy test

This is possibly the least reliable test of all. It is a kind of game that you can make with a needle and thread, or with a chain and a pendant.

To do this you must thread a needle with about 30 cm thread and make a knot at the end. You must lie on your back, and an assistant should hold the thread by the end of the knot at a distance of about 10 cm above your gut, keeping the needle in suspension and completely still.

You must wait for the needle to start moving for a few minutes. If it moves it is positive, and if not negative. In this test, there is also the belief that if it moves in a linear sense it will be a boy and if it moves in around it will be a girl. 

5- Chlorine pregnancy test

This test is based on the reaction that chlorine will have to the pH of your urine since it changes when we get pregnant. Collect the first-morning urine in a glass cup and pour a little chlorine over it (like a soup spoon);

If the result is positive, the urine will react and form a lot of foam or change color. 

6- Cold urine test to see if you are pregnant

In this test, we will try to see how much hCG hormone you have in your urine. To do this you must collect the urine in a glass cup, and without stirring or stirring, we introduce it in the refrigerator for half an hour. 

When we take it out, we must see if a small particle film or ‘cloud’ has formed. If this film is on the surface you are pregnant. And if it is at the bottom of the glass, the result is negative. 

7- Easy pregnancy test with hot urine  

In this test, you will need to have a metal dipper. You should collect your urine and put it in the saucepan and bring it to a boil for a few minutes.

When it cools, see if a creamy layer has formed on the surface, if so, you are pregnant, if the mixture looks transparent the result is negative. 

8- Homemade toothpaste pregnancy test

For the test, you will need white toothpaste. Pour a stream of toothpaste into a glass cup, and in another the first-morning urine.

Then add a few drops of the urine to the glass containing the toothpaste, and stir with a wooden stick. If bubbles or foam are formed, the result is positive. 

9- Sugar test to check if you are pregnant

Pour 3 large tablespoons of sugar into a glass cup. Add your first urine of the day on sugar, if the sugar dissolves, congratulations, you’re pregnant! If lumps form, the result is negative. 

10- Homemade oil pregnancy test

They say that this home pregnancy test is one of the most reliable. You should collect your first urine in a glass cup, and let it cool. Add with a dropper, two drops of oil but separated from each other.

If the drops unite is that you are pregnant. You have already left positive or negative should see a doctor if you have doubts about whether you can really be pregnant.

If you have a delay in your period, the reasons may be different and not that you expect a baby, so you should go to the doctor to find out the real reasons for the menstrual delay. 

If your result is positive, many more reasons to go to the doctor! You may really be pregnant and from now on they will have to do numerous tests to prove that everything is going well in your pregnancy. 

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