Can you get pregnant with Precum?

Can you get pregnant with Precum?

Can you get pregnant with Precum?

Is it possible to get pregnant with Precum, especially when you retire? What are the odds or conception rates in such a situation?

There are many questions related to sex and pregnancy to which you may not have direct answers. For example, you might be wondering if you can get pregnant from a pre-seminal fluid, a grind, and sexual abstinence.

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What is the pre-seminal fluid made?

Precum, also called a pre-ejaculated fluid, is the fluid that leaks from the penis during sexual intercourse. It makes of a mixture of mucus and some dead cells.

Generally, the pre-seminal fluid has no role in the body or sex for that matter.

However, it believes that it is intended to reduce the acidity of the vagina to allow sperm survival in the acidic environment until they reach the egg for fertilization. The sperm would usually die if placed in an acidic environment.

Premature ejaculation releases without ejaculation and, therefore, has no sperm.

However, a few sperms can pass through it and enter the vagina during sex, even if a man withdraws before ejaculation (orgasm).

After ejaculation, the pre-seminal fluid will transport the sperm remaining in the urinary tract to the vagina while the sperm is alive.

Otherwise, the sperm found in the pre-seminal fluid is almost entirely dead and always has a low risk of pregnancy.

Can you get pregnant with the pre-seminal fluid?

The conclusive answer to this question is yes, and you can get pregnant with pre-seminal fluid. However, the risk is shallow since the amount of sperm in the pre-seminal fluid is very low compared to the amount of real sperm.

However, even with this information, you should be careful in some aspects.

First, the pre-ejaculated liquid may still have enough sperm to impregnate it.

It is true, especially after the first ejaculation that leaves some sperm in the urethra. These sperms can be carried to the vagina by pre-ejaculation fluid.

Secondly, if you are practicing sex of extraction (extraction), you should be careful, since the semen that remains in the urethra may have enough sperm for fertilization.

Third, semen only needs to come into contact with the vaginal opening to travel to the fallopian tubes for fertilization.

These three facts allow you to get pregnant from the pre-seminal fluid, especially when you are ovulating.

What are the chances (risk) of getting pregnant from the pre-ejaculated fluid?

What is the risk of a girl getting pregnant with pre-ejaculate fluid? The risk and the rate of getting pregnant is shallow compared to real ejaculation.

The reason behind this has to do with the low number of sperm in pre-seminal fluid compared to real ejaculation.

In studies on the subject, only about 40 percent of men have traces of sperm in their pre-seminal fluid. The amount is also meager, so the chances of it reaching the fallopian tubes for fertilization are very low.

To draw an example of how difficult it is to get pregnant with pre-seminal fluid:

Normal ejaculation has about 100 million sperm in every milliliter of ejaculation.

Ninety percent of this sperm retains by cervical mucus and leaves only about 10 million in each milliliter.

Additional reductions by the urinary tract and other parts of the reproductive system will leave approximately 100,000 sperm accessing the egg in the fallopian tubes.

It is only about 0.1 percent of the sperm remaining in each milliliter of ejaculation and can fertilize the egg.

Taking the same scenario to the pre-seminal fluid that has only 3 million sperm per ML; an almost insignificant amount of sperm will reach the fallopian tubes for fertilization.

Even with these encouraging statistics, you can still get pregnant with pre-seminal fluid since only a single viable sperm requires for fertilization.

Can you get pregnant from dry or grinding hump?

Some people consider a dry tummy tuck to be a form of sexual intercourse. It is also called dry sex, and it is the act of having sex with your clothes on. The clothes can be underwear, etc.

According to some sources, most teenagers dry out of the hump because they think it is safe or because they are not ready. But can you get pregnant from dry and grinding hump?

This brief answer to this question is yes. However, the chances are so low that it is almost impossible to get pregnant from the dry hump.

All you need to know is that pregnancy occurs when ejaculation comes in contact with your vaginal canal.

Therefore, since dry humping does not imply penetration, your chances of getting pregnant are very slim.

However, you should know that even a small amount of sperm that falls on the vaginal opening can cause pregnancy. Whether the grinding is with the clothes on or not, the sperm can still seep and reach the vaginal opening.

Take out and pregnancy rate

Withdrawal is also called the birth control withdrawal method. According to Your Life, “it requires great self-control, experience, and trust, and as such, it is quite unreliable ” when it comes to preventing pregnancy.

It brings us to our question: can you get pregnant with pre-seminal fluid in the extraction method? It is much more possible.

Even if you practice the extraction method to prevent pregnancy, you are very likely to get pregnant.

On the one hand, the pre-ejaculated fluid itself has a small amount of sperm that may or may not cause you to get pregnant. When in large quantities, it will increase the chances of getting pregnant significantly.

Even if your man leaves on time, pregnancy can still happen!

With the method of extraction; your partner must be exact to retire to avoid pregnancy since most people fail in this. It is quite easy to withdraw a little late when ejaculation has already been introduced into the vagina.

Also, subsequent rounds of sex make the pre-seminal fluid almost equal to the actual ejaculate in terms of the amount of sperm available.

When your partner ejaculates, the sperm will stay in the urethra. They will be taken to the vagina with the pre-seminal fluid and will increase your chances of getting pregnant.

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Can a girl get pregnant by swallowing pre-seminal fluid?

Can you get pregnant by oral sex? The myth of whether oral sex can make you pregnant is the wrong direction.

The only way to get pregnant is when the pre-ejaculated fluid or ejaculation comes into contact with the vagina and not with the mouth.

Even swallowing Precum or ejaculating will not make you pregnant.

It is because there is no direct link between the digestive system and your reproductive system that can allow the movement of sperm into the fallopian tubes from your stomach.

Since ejaculation and pre-seminal fluid are mainly proteins, they digest.

How to prevent pre-cum pregnancy

While the pre-seminal fluid has very remote chances of getting pregnant; it is only safe to take the necessary measures to stay safe. The use of contraceptive methods comes into play at this time and includes:

Cervical caps

A cervical cap is a small cup-shaped object that is inserted into the vagina until it reaches the cervix; where it prevents sperm from reaching the fallopian tubes.


A diaphragm is similar to a cervical cap because it works by physically preventing sperm from entering the fallopian tubes.

Birth control pills

Birth control pills are among the most effective contraceptive methods available today. Its use will help prevent unwanted pregnancies of pre-ejaculation and ejaculation.


Vasectomy is the permanent sterilization of men to avoid any possibility of becoming pregnant from sexual intercourse. It works by preventing sperm from reaching the urethra by sealing the duct between the testicles and the urethra.

Contraceptive implant

It is an arm implant that is used to prevent pregnancies of up to three years. If you need a method to stay safe without doing much, this is the best option.

Contraceptive sponge (today sponge)

The contraceptive sponge is a foam with spermicide that inserts into the vagina a few moments before sex. The spermicide in the sponge will kill the sperm released in the vagina during sexual intercourse.


It is an injection of one time in three months to prevent pregnancy effectively. It is one of the least critical methods you can use to keep unwanted pregnancies at bay.

Vaginal Birth Control Ring

The vaginal birth control ring is also named NuvaRing and is inserted into the vagina for three weeks to prevent pregnancy. It is quite useful when it comes to preventing pregnancy.


Sometimes other methods may not be enough to prevent pregnancies since even condoms break. Most other methods also do not have a 100 percent guarantee of avoiding pregnancy. It leaves you with the option to refrain from sex until you are ready with the risks it poses.

Contraceptive Patch

Also called Evra patch or Ortho Evra patch; it is a patch applied to the skin once a week for three weeks in a row followed by a week without patches.

Condom use

Condoms are among the most common contraceptive methods available. They are handy when it comes to preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

If you want to avoid unwanted pregnancies, you and your partner should get a Habit of using condoms. Since male and female condoms are available.

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