Early pregnancy symptoms [Symptoms of pregnancy in the first few days]

Early pregnancy symptoms [Symptoms of pregnancy in the first few days]

Symptoms of pregnancy in the first few days

Not everyone knows, but it is possible to notice some signs of pregnancy in the early few days after fertilization.

And those early pregnancy symptoms can be seen even before menstruation.

The most common are feeling uncomfortable in the stomach and small bleeding (which is often confused with menstruation).

However, because each organism works in a way, it is common for the woman to have no symptoms and only suspect the pregnancy with only the menstrual delay.

Am I pregnant? – Early pregnancy symptoms

See some signs that indicate gestation!

Most women do not realize that they are pregnant early on and it may take some time to notice the first symptoms of gestation (which may even raise doubts about whether or not a baby is waiting).

Symptoms of pregnancy in the first days of fertilization

At this stage, there is a small bleed, which is caused by the punching of eggs in the uterine wall.

The implantation (i.e., embryo implantation in the uterus wall) occurs in the first days of fertilization.

As soon as the egg fertilizes, the body begins to transform. Therefore, some women have a change in smell or taste, in addition to feeling their breasts more sensitive.

You can also notice changes in the beak of sinus, which is more explained or with small balls, which is caused by an increase in hormones.

Symptoms in the first Few days

In the early few days of pregnancy, it is difficult to notice signs that may report the pregnancy.

It is possible to feel slight swelling in the stomach, which looks like swelling of menstruation. The reason for this is due to the growing production of progesterone, which causes a small expansion of the uterus.

Typically, this increase in the area of ​​the stomach is higher in the night because it occurs when progesterone and estrogen peaks arise.

There is still too much of any symptoms in the first five days of pregnancy. However, some women experience some colic and also carry a small vaginal discharge.

Week 1: Symptoms of pregnancy in the first week

Feel swollen and susceptible breasts are symptoms that may already appear in one semen the pregnancy. Some women, however, have a feeling of heaviness in their breasts only from the 2nd week.

Sensitivity because of the increased production of hormones in pregnancy can lead to headaches, which also indicates in the early days of gestation.

Symptoms of pregnancy in the first month

The most common symptoms in the first month of gestation are:

Menstrual delay – Early pregnancy symptoms

It is one of the first symptoms noticed by women that leads them to suspect a pregnancy, especially if menstruation is usually regular. So if you are in doubt if you are pregnant and your period is late, take the test as soon as possible.

Feeling from nausea to vomiting

Nausea and vomiting are two classic symptoms of pregnancy and tend to arise from the 2nd week. These uncomfortable sensations can continue through the 8th week or the 1st semester.

Nipples bigger and darker

Hormonal imbalance in pregnancy can leave the region around the nipple more unlit. Also, the breasts veins become more apparent. If there is no doubt about pregnancy, then these symptoms can only be due to heat.

Increased body temperature

Feeling higher body temperature, usually in the hands, feet, and face, can also be a sign of pregnancy.

Even some women feel the fever in pregnancy, which is due to progesterone by the body.

Different feeling on the palate and smell

If you begin to feel uncomfortable with odors that have never caused this sensation, apart from having a metallic taste in your mouth, am I pregnant? It could be a sign of pregnancy.

This symptom causes hormonal changes. So if you can not stand the smell or taste of the food you used to like, stay tuned.

Increased urinary frequency

Another desire to urinate is increased, especially at night. It is due to an increase in hormones and, with the progress of the fetus, due to the fetus which causes the fall of the bladder.

feeling tired and sleepy

If you pass your day yawning and feel more sleepy than usual; this may be triggered by the increased amount of progesterone in the body because of pregnancy; which makes the woman more tired.

Tiredness and drowsiness

Having a feeling of fatigue, fatigue, or sleepiness is also a sign that can refer to pregnancy. Although the reasons are still not fully understood, it is likely to be related to the high level of progesterone.

Spots on the skin

Some women see small brown spots on the surface. In general, these spots appear at the top of the forehead, lips, legs, underarms, or nose.

When the symptoms of pregnancy appear in the first few days, the idea is to take a pregnancy test to eliminate the doubts. If the test is negative, then it can still be speedy.

Feel like eating out of time

One of the symptoms that may indicate the onset of pregnancy is the sudden urge to eat at unusual times, such as during dawn.

It may be the sign that your body is missing a specific nutrient because of the changes that are happening in your body.

For this reason, if hunger comes with other symptoms, it is best to take a test to see if you are pregnant.

Is it possible to get pregnant even without symptoms?

Am I pregnant? The answer is yes. Many women only notice the pregnancy after several months since they did not present symptoms that indicated the beginning of the pregnancy. For this reason, even if you do not have the classic symptoms of pregnancy, you should not rule out the possibility of being pregnant if you had unprotected sex. Other symptoms are dizziness, headache, increasing urination, or foods that you do not like, swelling and tenderness in breasts. If you Doubt that you may be pregnant, then blood or drug testing recommends for getting rid of suspicion.

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