Fatigue During Pregnancy

Tiredness And Fatigue During Pregnancy – Early-Pregnancy-Signs

Fatigue And Tiredness In Pregnancy

During pregnancy, pregnant women experience very tiredness. There are a lot of changes in the body of the mother that happens at this time. This fatigue is the result of all these changes. Apart from this, there is a problem of dizziness and sleepiness, which makes the body and mind very tired.

This problem of fatigue occurs, especially in the first trimester. At this stage, the level of fluctuation in the level of the hormones is also happening in the stomach. The second round of fatigue in pregnancy comes in the third quarter when the weight of the pregnant woman increased by several kilograms, and the heft of the baby is also growing every 300 grams every week. Generally, these are the causes of fatigue in pregnancy:

Reasons for Tiredness And Fatigue During Pregnancy

  1. The baby’s cord or placenta formed in the first trimester or early pregnancy. It takes too much energy in the body.
  2. Reduced blood sugar level due to the demand for energy also proves to be a cause of fatigue.
  3. Low blood pressure is also responsible for fatigue.
  4. In the absence of a proper diet, there is also a lack of blood in the body of the pregnant woman or anemia or having hemoglobin.
  5. The stress of becoming a mother also tires to the pregnant.
  6. Depression or depression during pregnancy also gives birth to this tiredness.
  7. Mood swings.
  8. Insomnia.
  9. Wrist Pain.

Why am I getting so tired of being pregnant now?

It is normal to feel tired when pregnant. This feeling is especially true in the first few weeks of pregnancy and the end. It may also be challenging to get complete sleep during the last days of pregnancy. 


When you are pregnant, there are considerable changes in almost every part of your body, which can cause you to feel exhausted. 


Even if you did not sleep early in the night, but now if you are pregnant, you may find it almost impossible to watch a movie at night or to stay awake to watch a half-hour program. 


During the entire pregnancy, especially in the first trim, your body works very hard. You are building a placenta, which is the life-support system of the baby. Your hormone levels and metabolism are changing rapidly, while your blood glucose levels (blood sugar) and blood pressure (blood pressure) start decreasing at this time. For all these reasons, you feel tired and tired.

When does fatigue signify any other problem?

Fatigue and low levels of energy in the body can sometimes be indicative of anemia. It is not unusual to have anemia in pregnancy. Your doctor will also administer your blood for anemia during the first childbirth and in pregnancy. This test will be part of your other regular blood tests. 


Tiredness and powerlessness can make you feel completely discouraged. But sometimes it may be hard to feel energyless and difficult to sleep, and there may be signs of depression. If you have feelings of disappointment in your mind and you start feeling disheartened as your favorite things, talk to your doctor.

How long will this fatigue be?

The experience of every mother going may be different, but you are more likely to feel exhausted mainly in the first and third trimester. So you may not even tell other people about your pregnancy, and even before that you are facing extreme fatigue. 


Exhaustion in the first trimester is a symptom of morning nausea. Lack of appetite, and sometimes vomiting can also occur with nausea.  


If due to these symptoms, your sleep is getting impaired, you will feel more tired and irritable. Try to relax more and more, because of nausea and vomiting can increase due to exhaustion.


You may find that you are getting relief from nausea around 14 weeks to 16 weeks of pregnancy. But, to some extent, nausea can persist for 20 weeks. For many women, it can stay for longer than this. 


You may start feeling tired again around the pregnancy of 28 weeks. At this time, your stomach will be getting bigger, and you may find it difficult to sleep comfortably on the bed and take a little bit of sleep. Also, due to the extra weight you are carrying, you may feel tired during the day. 


However, the experience of every woman is different. You may feel tired during the entire pregnancy, or it is possible that you may feel a lot when you are pregnant.

What can I do to deal with fatigue?

Identify the signs of your body. 

Keep snapping of the day or try to sleep early at night. You need more sleep at the onset of pregnancy, so relax whenever possible and get enough sleep. 


In the office, a 15-minute nap can also give you a lot of relief. So if fortunately there is a separate room for women in your office or you have a door in your cabin, then close it and rest on your desk. 


If there is no sleeping place in the office, and you have a car, then you can take a little nap in the car at lunchtime. If you are at home, take time out for the rest of the day to relax and sit comfortably. 


Organize your routine. 

You can reduce your work hours in the office, and if this is not possible, then maybe you can organize your work hours.


If you are already a mother, then take time between yourself and leave your children with a trusted person in the family. In this way, you will be able to complete your sleep. 


If you live in a joint family, inquire family members for help and cooperation. If you have a single family, ask your family and friends for guidance, and do not hesitate to seek advice from them. 


Eat a nutritious diet. 

A healthy and nutritious diet can help keep your energy level high. Include various types of fruits and vegetables as well as sources of iron, protein, and calcium in your diet. 

Nutritional diet during nauseaGetting it is not so easy If you can not take a lot of food at one go, then try that a little bit right, but you do not have to eat something or other. Having an empty stomach will make you feel more nauseous and tired. Keep eating many healthy snacks or cold snacks a day. 


Do some mild exercises. 

Even if you do not feel like exercising, it is right for you to go for a walk, easy to walk or swim. It can make you feel better and give you better sleep at night. 

Do not lose courage. 

Because you will soon enter your second quarter, hopefully, you will feel better again. If you do your Third Trimester If you are in, you will be satisfied that your pregnancy will be complete soon. However, you may find that shortly after the birth of the baby, there was nothing in front of fatigue due to the tiredness that you were getting on the growth of your baby. 

Rest assured, you will not suffer any harm to your baby due to feeling exhausted. But, try to make as much as possible, and whenever possible, you take complete rest. 

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