Fifth Month Of Pregnancy - Symptoms, Development, And Changes

Fifth Month Of Pregnancy – Symptoms, Development, And Changes

Fifth Month Of Pregnancy – Symptoms, Child Development, And Physical Changes

What is the significance of nine months of pregnancy, it is hard to understand for anyone other than a pregnant woman. Today we are talking about, from the fifth week of pregnancy, i.e., from the 17th week to 20th week. This month, the skin reaches after reaching, and the appearance of the pregnancy starts to glow on your face.

As the time of pregnancy increases, there are many changes in the body. Due to the development of the baby in the womb, the stomach grows, there will be some physical problems. In this article of, talk about the fifth month of pregnancy.

Symptoms Of The Fifth Month Of Pregnancy

Every month of pregnancy, some signs remain the same, then something new can happen. Know about the signs of the fifth month:

1. Tiredness:

Fatigue is a common symptom of fatigue in the fifth month of pregnancy. As the baby’s weight increases in the womb, pregnant will feel tired soon.

2. Back pain:

The problem of having lower back pain is common due to the size of the baby in the uterus. Most pregnant women are troubled by the back pain problem throughout pregnancy.

3. Headache:

But, due to the question of gas and constipation in pregnancy, it is common, due to this, headache complains often.

4. Nail weakening:

It also affects the nails. You will find that during your pregnancy, your nails have already become weak and quickly broken. In some cases, the nails become stronger. It happens most often during the Second Trimester.

5. Gonorrhea bleeding:

Most women in the fifth month of pregnancy have to cope with the problem of bleeding gums. It is due to a lack of hormonal changes or vitamin-.

6. Difficulty breathing:

Most pregnant women suffer from breathing due to progesterone hormone. Also, due to an increase in weight, there may be trouble breathing.

7. White water coming from the vagina:

The vaginal secretion also comes from white flow, which is called leukorrhea.

8. Mistake Problem:

Hormonal changes in pregnancy affect the brain, due to which there may be a problem of forgetting pregnant women.

9. Swelling of the ankles and pain in the legs:

Feeling pain and swelling during the fifth month of pregnancy is joint. During pregnancy, blood forms in the body for the nourishment of the baby, and often the nerves of the legs are blocked, due to which the blood does not reach the heart from the feet, then these symptoms are noticed.

10. Gas and Occupation:

All kinds of changes in the body can be constipated, which also causes gas problems.

11. Dizziness sometimes:

As the baby develops in the womb, the infant needs adequate nutritious ingredients. In such a situation, pregnant women may occasionally feel weak, which can cause dizziness.

12. Nasal bleeding:

It is also common for the nose to come nose during the fifth month of pregnancy, i.e., nose bleeding is common. This blood circulation is going to grow.

Read more, what changes build in the body in the fifth month.

Body Changes In The Fifth Month Of Pregnancy

Baby bumps begin to appear in the fifth month of pregnancy. Now you get used to handling it because your baby bump will increase as the embryo size increases in the womb. Also, the physical changes described below may occur in the fifth month of pregnancy:

  • Size of the uterus: Your uterus will increase as much as the size of a football. It is the time when you start wearing loose clothes made specifically for pregnancy, leaving your old clothes and wearing them.
  • Stretch on the stomach: Due to an increase in the stomach, the segment in the ligament comes, which can show the stretch marks on your stomach. You can use Stretch Marks Cream to reduce them.
  • Warming in the hands: You can suddenly feel the heat in your palms. That is due to the blood supply to the body. Not only this, due to this, red ridges can also emerge on palms.
  • Hair Changes: There may also be a change in your hair during the fifth month of pregnancy. You will find that suddenly your hair becomes thick and reduce their decomposition.
  • Too much hungry: This month, pregnant women may feel more hungry than before. While some women eat everything, on the other hand, some women think of eating something special.

Now let’s talk about developing the baby in the womb.

Child Development And Size In The Fifth Month Of Pregnancy

As we said, in the fifth month the uterus becomes the size of a football. That means that the baby is overgrowing in the womb. Know how the baby is developed and shaped by this month:

Baby size and weight in the womb

  • By the end of this month, the baby becomes about six and six inches in the womb.
  • A healthy baby weighs about 226 grams in the womb.

Development of the child in the womb:

  • In the fifth month, the blood vessels will start appearing on the skin of the baby.
  • Bones and muscles will grow ultimately.
  • Now the baby will be able to take the fingers and groin in the womb.
  • If a baby is a boy, then this test is developed until this month.
  • If the infant is a girl, then the uterus develops and the eggs come into it.
  • Nipples will appear on the baby’s chest.
  • The fingerprint will begin to grow.
  • The teeth inside the gums begin to grow.
  • Kidneys will start working completely.

Next, we will learn how to take care of pregnant women.

Care In The Fifth Month Of Pregnancy

The fifth month of pregnancy is exceptional for pregnant women. It has to take special care from lifestyle to food and food. Whatever you eat, its direct effect does not only affect you but also the infant. Below, we are talking about some foods consumption during pregnancy.

What do you eat during the fifth month of pregnancy?

  • Take more fluids: Keep in mind that now you have to take care of two people — one of his own and the second baby born in the womb. So keep yourself hydrated and drink more water.
  • Eat protein-rich foods: Protein is essential for child development. For a healthy pregnancy, it is recommended to take 21 grams of extra protein in the Second and Third Trimester, Since including protein-rich foods in your diet. For this, you can consume pulses, paneer, soya bean, egg, etc.
  • Eat a salad: Be sure to include the lettuce in your catering. It will give you a fiber, which will drop the problem of constipation. As a salad, you can add vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Keep in mind that you must thoroughly wash the vegetables before eating them.
  • Eat fruits: Consumption of fruits in pregnancy is significant. There is a lot of vitamins, minerals, and fiber in it, which is essential for the pregnant woman. You can add apples like apples, bananas, oranges, and kiwi to your food.
  • Take green vegetables: Even if you consume many vegetables daily, you get bored, but surely eat it for your ninety. You should use spinach and broccoli for the supply of iron. If you want, then you can make some vegetables smoothed.
  • Whole grains: It is beneficial to consume entire grains in pregnancy. In it, you can add wheat, rice, corn, and oats.

Do not eat in the fifth month of pregnancy?

Above we tell you what you eat during the fifth month of pregnancy. Now let’s talk about some foods, which can be harmful. Below, know about non eaten foods in the fifth month of pregnancy:

  • Say no to cold drink: Avoid cold drink intake in pregnancy. They contain caffeine, sugar, and calories, which harm pregnant and infant babies. Instead, you can drink fresh fruit juices. Not only will it give you Power but also will keep you clean.
  • Do not eat these fruits: Avoid eating a pomegranate, raw papaya, pineapple in the fifth month of pregnancy. They may be at risk of having an abortion.
  • Do not take caffeine: Avoid eating caffeine stuff like tea, coffee, chocolate, etc. in pregnancy. It can cause infertility problems to the infant after birth.
  • Do not eat junk food: Avoid eating free junk food, such as pizza, burgers. Also, avoid dieting outside externally.
  • Alcohol and tobacco: Do not eat alcohol, tobacco, and cigarettes at all. It is harmful to both pregnant and pregnant children.
  • Raw egg or raw mass: If you eat eggs or meat, eat it only after cooking it well. The raw egg contains salmonella bacteria, which can lead to food poisoning.

Exercise for the fifth month of pregnancy

It Was An essential for every person. Yoga has a unique role in living a healthy and healthy life. At the same time, when it is a pregnancy, activities are advised during this time. In this stage, any pregnant woman can exercise on a walk and breathing regularly.

Scanning And Testing During The Fifth Month Of Pregnancy

A regular medical examination is necessary for pregnancy. In this, from the development of the child, its health is examined. If this We talk about the fifth month, then the following checks are done:

  • Cordocentesis test

If the doctor has a particular problem, then they recommend pregnancy to check cordocentesis. In this investigation, it is done to know that there is no chromosome inequality in the baby.

  • Amniocentesis test

Amniocentesis tests can do during pregnancy. It is such a way that saw the baby does not have any faults like spina bifida, down syndrome. But, in most cases the result is typical.

  • Ultrasound in the fifth month

Ultrasound is also doing during this time. In this ultrasound, check-ups the baby’s health. The doctor may know the baby’s penis in it, but by forgetting you also do not try to see the sex of the baby. It is a punishable crime. It can also jail you.

Apart from this, blood pressure, measuring the size of the uterus, urine screening, examine hemoglobin levels for blood tests and examine the heartbeats of the baby.

Here’s what to take precautions to know.

Precautions During The Fifth Month Of Pregnancy

Since the child grows faster since this month, so more caution is needed. Below we are telling that what are some things to keep in mind now:

What to do during the fifth month of pregnancy

  • Keep Rashes’s Care: Due to the heat during pregnancy, you may have problems with arteries and rashes around the breasts. Taking a shower to get relief from them can be beneficial for you.
  • Sleep on the left side: As your belly is growing now, sleeping in normal conditions can be difficult. You sleep with your back on the left, which is beneficial for both you and the infant.
  • Wear loose clothes: Now due to the growing stomach, you should wear loose clothes.
  • Eat food containing fiber: During this time, pregnant women have a problem of constipation. To get relief from this, eat fiber-rich food.
  • Take care of Posture: Whenever you stay at home, take care of your posture and sitting, etc. Do not stand too long. During the work, relax and take a break in between. It is worthwhile to sleep a little while during the day.
  • Talk to your child: Talk to your baby in the womb. You will be amazed when listening to your voice and reacting to your baby kick.

Do not Do in the Fifth Month of Pregnancy

  • Do not consume alcohol, caffeine, and cigarettes. It harms the infant.
  • If a pregnant woman has a child before, then do not raise your child in the lap in this month. Doing so may put pressure on your growing baby bump, which can prove harmful to the embryo in the womb.

Concerns During The Fifth Month Of Pregnancy

While the fifth month brings you a beautiful experience of pregnancy, on the other hand, there are some common problems. If this happens, you should contact the doctor immediately, such as:

  • On the increase of heartbeat: Stress, lack of blood, and obesity often increase the pulse and pulse of the pregnant woman. In this case, the woman may experience pain in chest and pain in breathing. If this happens, contact the doctor immediately.
  • Frequent dizziness or unconsciousness: It is common for the first three months to start dizziness, but in the fifth month there is constant dizziness, it can be a sign of hypertension. If this happens, you should contact the doctor immediately.
  • Secretion of vaginal discharge: It is common to have vaginal secretion in pregnancy, but if the flow is too high or if its color turns pink, green or red, then the doctor should contact.
  • Increasing inflammation of the feet: If swelling and cramping in the pregnancy are healthy, but if this problem starts to occur, then the doctor should contact. These may be the symptoms of pre-eclampsia. This problem is mainly due to high blood pressure. Pre-eclampsia’s timely treatment can have severe effects on both pregnant and infant.
  • Pain in the back: It is normal to have high back pain during pregnancy. Due to pressure from the growing uterus, there is a pain in the lower back. If this problem increases, then the doctor should contact.

Now discuss what the responsibility of a father who is due during pregnancy is.

Tips For Having A Father

It is such a time in which the responsibility of the father who accompanies pregnant women increases. Since it is the child of both of you, since, both of you have to take responsibility for caring for them. Here are some tips for the father who is here:

  • Understand your partner: You understand that it is natural for a change in your wife’s behavior during pregnancy. Since it is necessary to support them emotionally.
  • Take them to the doctor for an interval: Raise the responsibility of taking pregnant women to routine checkups. Take the time to take the wife to the doctor whenever the doctor has come to visit. In this case, you will also be able to see your infant in ultrasound, which will be a different experience for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I eat during the fifth month of pregnancy?

The woman is advised to take 340 extra calories daily in the fifth month of pregnancy. Plus, whatever you eat for taking calories, it should be full of nutritious.

How much weight should I gain in the fifth month of pregnancy?

Weighing about 2 kg should increase in the fifth month. Through pregnancy weight gain calculator, you can guess it. Let you know that during most pregnancies, most women can increase weight from 11.5 to 16 kg. Where, in the first trimester weighs one to two kilos, while in the second and third trimester weighs a pound of weight per week. But, how much influence does the woman attain, it depends on her physical condition.

We hope that you will get all the necessary information related to the fifth month of pregnancy through this article. If you want to know the answer to any other question besides these, please be sure to ask in the comment box below. Also, share this article with the women who are five months pregnant.

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