First Month Of Pregnancy - Symptoms, Development And Changes

First Month Of Pregnancy – Symptoms, Development And Changes

First Month Of Pregnancy – Symptoms, Child Development And Physical Changes

As soon as a woman gets the information that she is pregnant, there is no room for her happiness. However, information about pregnancy comes with a variety of physical changes and problems. If all necessary preparations have started from the first month of pregnancy, then all the difficulties related to pregnancy can be reduced to a great extent.

Indeed, in the first month of pregnancy, especially for women who become mothers for the first time, they lack information. Many times they do not get the right information until they get pregnant. Therefore, in this article of, we are going to tell you in detail about the information related to the first month of pregnancy (one to four weeks).

16 Preliminary Symptoms Of Pregnancy.

In the first month of pregnancy, many types of changes occur in the body of the pregnant woman. Due to not having accurate information about these changes, pregnant women sometimes become prey to panic or stress. However, if pregnant women see signs given in the first month of pregnancy, then they should not panic at all:

Stagnation of Menstruation:

It is believed to be the sign of the beginning of pregnancy. As soon as a woman becomes pregnant, her body starts to become progesterone hormone. The menstrual cycle stops due to this hormone.

Hemorrhoids and cramping:

When the egg fertilizes in the uterus, then the woman who is pregnant can have slight bleeding, and the body may feel cramped. These two signs can saw in the pregnant woman’s body after one week of pregnancy.

Mood Swing:

Mood swings during pregnancy, i.e., the occurrence of Mood Swing During Pregnancy in pregnancy. Mental fluctuations in pregnancy are very natural, such as being happy in a moment, and misery in the second moment, irritations on small things and anger are some of the symptoms. Changing the gesture in pregnancy sometimes also concerns the pregnant woman as well as the family members. It believes that during pregnancy, 20 percent of women are distressed due to mental ups and downs.

Breast tightening:

At the first month of pregnancy, the pregnant women breast becomes tight, and there is also a slight pain. During this pregnant woman may have some swelling in the breasts.

Change the color of the nipple:

During this time you may also notice changes in the nipple. Melanocytes (one type of skin cells) are affected due to changes in hormones. It produces that melanin, which makes the color of the skin darker. It is the reason that the color of the nipple may look more intense.


Pregnancy women may feel tired without doing anything in the first month of pregnancy. During this time he may have trouble sleeping in gold.

Frequent urination:

In the first month of pregnancy, due to the level of progesterone hormone levels in the body, pregnant women may have frequent urination.

Morning sickness:

Pregnant women may have problems in the morning, morning vomiting, and dizziness in the first month of pregnancy.

Interest in eating and change in choice:

At the first month of pregnancy, a woman observes changes in diet and dietary preferences related to food. She can start something she did not like before. During this pregnancy, the woman may be hungry again and again.

Chest Burning:

At the first month of pregnancy, a woman may complain of chest irritation, which is normal, so do not panic if this happens. However, the doctor should contact the chest if excessive anger.


Prostates hormone levels in the pregnant woman’s body may increase due to her illness. Constipation is considered normal in the first month of pregnancy.

Increase in the ability of snuff:

Hormonal changes in the body in the first month of pregnancy increases the ability to sniff the pregnant woman.

More hunger:

The pregnancy woman’s appetite suddenly increases in the first month of pregnancy. He starts consuming a lot of food, and he starts to feel hungry again and again.


There is a heaviness in the head every morning during pregnancy. The main reason for this is that during this time, the sleep becomes irregular. In such a situation, the pain in the head Often happens by a lack of sleep and hormonal changes.

Pain in the lower abdomen:

Tummy or cramping during pregnancy is usually average. But is this pain caused by gas becoming in the stomach? Yes, this is also possible, but apart from this, there can be other reasons. Indeed, the size of the womb is getting more significant than the baby in your uterus at this time. It leads to weight and stress on the side, intestines, muscles, ligaments, etc. Which causes pain in the stomach.

Pain in the back:

The pregnant woman may have back pain problems in the first month of pregnancy. It is the starting symptom of pregnancy, so this pain should not be intimidated.

Pregnancy Confirmation Or Pregnancy Test

If a woman has the symptoms mentioned above in her body, then she should do a pregnancy test as soon as possible. Pregnant women can do this test themselves or can be confirmed by examining the doctor and verifying the pregnancy. Below are some of the ways that pregnant women can check or verify their pregnancy :

  • An examination from Pregnancy Kit: There are many types of pregnancy kits available in the market nowadays, with the help of which the pregnancy itself can examine. To check pregnancy from the pregnancy test kit, take a sample of the urine before the morning and take a few drops from the dropper given with the test kit in the groove on the test strip. Wait 5 minutes after that. You will see one or two light or dark pink ridges. To understand the meaning of these colorful rows, read carefully the instructions given with the test kit. Based on these instructions, the results of the test can trace.
  • Confirmation with urine or blood test: The urine or blood test can be done by the doctor to confirm the pregnancy. The results of this test are considered to be more accurate and reliable than the results obtained from the pregnancy kit.
  • Confirmation with ultrasound: If after suspicion about pregnancy, even after examining both methods mentioned above, then the support of ultrasound technology should be taken. The results obtained from this technique are considered to be the most accurate.

Body Changes During First Month Of Pregnancy

At the first month of pregnancy, changes in the body of a pregnant woman can saw:

  • A pregnant woman may find her body bloated more, and she may feel part of her back a bit tight.
  • Growing estrogen levels in the body and an increase in mammary glands can increase the size of the pregnant woman’s breast.
  • Due to progesterone and estrogen hormone levels in the body, the pregnant woman’s nipple may be more black and black.
  • Ovulation may Be Spotting a week or pregnant woman after ten days. It is due to fetal implants in the womb.
  • A pregnant woman has more secretion from the vagina.

Child Development And Size In The First Month Of Pregnancy

The development process of the baby begins in the womb only from the first month of pregnancy. This process is explained in detail below:

Process of fertilization

The union of sperms and ovules is called fertilization. The method of propagation can begin two to three days after sexual intercourse. In the early stages of this process, a pair form from the union of sperms and ovules. This pair is called ‘zygote’ in English.

Transplantation process

The process of transplantation begins after fertilization. In this process, zygote reaches the uterus through the fallopian tubes. Between the fourth to the sixth day, this zygote divides into many cells. These cells then collect and take shape like a ball. It is called ‘blastocyst.’ If this ‘blastocyst’ sticks to the uterine wall in two to three days, then the process of transplantation is completed with success.

Development of fetus

When the fertilized egg develops, the amniotic sac forme. During this, the placenta also develops. Talk about the development of the child, and the face will start to form during this period. Black circles will be visible in the eyes of the eyes. During this, the lower jaw and throat of the baby will start to grow. At the same time, a blood transfusion will begin by becoming blood cells. By the termination of the fourth week, the baby’s heart will start beating 65 times in a minute. By the end of this month, the baby will be inches of a ¼ inch, which is smaller than a rice grain.


Diet For The First Month Of Pregnancy

A pregnant woman needs more nutrients when pregnancy begins. To meet this growing need, they should include the following things in their diet:

What to eat in the first month of pregnancy?

  • At the beginning of pregnancy, a pregnant woman should consume foods rich in folate, such as broccoli and orange, etc.
  • As soon as pregnant, women should start eating foods rich in Vitamin B6, like banana, whole grains, and dry fruits.
  • At the beginning of pregnancy, fruits containing fiber should consume. During this pregnancy, leastwise three types of fruits should eat in the day.
  • Products made from milk and milk are considered very beneficial in the first month of pregnancy.
  • If pregnant is non-vegetarian, then it should continue to eat meat. Apart from low-fat seafood, it is advisable to eat properly cooked meat.
  • At the beginning of pregnancy, pregnant should include iron-rich foods like spinach and beetroot in their diet.
  • When pregnancy begins, women need extra carbohydrates. For this, they should include sugar substances in their diet.

What do not eat during the first month of pregnancy?

At the beginning of pregnancy, eating a few things can damage the pregnant woman and her fetus. Below we are going to tell the names of some such things which should be avoided by a pregnant woman:

  • Seafood: Pregnant women should only eat low-fat seafood. If there are additional levels of mercury in the diet, then the embryo can be damaged.
  • Soft cheese: After conceiving pregnant woman, the thing made from pasteurized milk should avoid. There is a risk of food poisoning due to harmful bacteria in such a thing.
  • Packet Items: Pregnant should not consume packaged foods at the beginning of pregnancy. Along with the things in the microwave, such as cake, biscuits should avoid.
  • Uncook meat and raw eggs: bacteria called salmonella and listeria was present in uncooked meat and eggs. These bacteria can harm the fetus. Therefore, a pregnant woman should not consume uncooked meat or eggs.
  • Raw Papaya and Pineapple: In the early days of pregnancy should avoid eating raw papaya and pineapple. These fruits can eat after delivery.
  • Junk food and alcohol: Junk food, drink, and tobacco should not consume during pregnancy. Apart from this, pregnant women should reduce the consumption of caffeine, like tea, coffee, and chocolate.

Note: For your convenience, pregnant should consult a doctor and make a diet chart.

Exercise For The First Month Of Pregnancy

Exercising in the first month of pregnancy is very beneficial. It makes the pregnant body smoothen, and it relieves the tension that occurs during the early stages of pregnancy. The exercises described below can be done in the first month of pregnancy:

  • Aerobic

Exercise aerobic keeps the heart healthy and increases the chance of standard delivery.

  • Swimming

In water, man feels his weight ten times less than his land. Therefore, swimming is considered to be the easiest and effective exercise for pregnant women. Pregnant women are advised to swim for 15-20 minutes during the day.

  • Pilates Exercises

This exercise strengthens the stomach, back, and pelvis. Pregnant women want to go to Pilates classes to learn this exercise.

  • Stationary Bike or Spin Classes

It may grate to have a stationary bike in the first month of pregnancy. Also, women can be advised to attend spin classes three times a week for 30 minutes by doctors.

  • Yoga (Indian)

Pregnant should practice specific yoga exercises with the help of Yoga Guru and Doctor from the beginning of pregnancy.

Note: Keep in mind that the physical condition of each pregnant woman is different. Therefore, do not forget to consult a doctor before starting any exercise.

What should be taken care of in the first month of pregnancy?

Pregnant women should take special care of the things given below in the first month of pregnancy:

Whatever to do during the first month of pregnancy?

  • Do some exercise every day.
  • Eat fiber-rich food. It prevents pregnant women from controlling constipation and indigestion.
  • Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.
  • Always think positively and try to be happy.
  • Take the advice of the doctor and start consuming essential vitamins and supplements.
  • Make the necessary changes to your eating manners or habits and consult your doctor and make your diet chart.
  • If possible, get such health insurance, which provides the necessary diagnosis, treatment, and safe delivery during pregnancy.
  • Stay in touch with people who have information and experience related to pregnancy.
  • Get as much sleep and relax.
  • Choose the right doctor for your regular screening. For this, you can take help from women who have already deliver.
  • Start making financial plans for delivery as soon as the pregnancy starts.

What to do in the first month of pregnancy?

  • Avoid a long journey. The risk of miscarriage is high in the first month of pregnancy, so avoiding long travels during this period should be avoided.
  • Do not wear high heeled sandals. Wearing such shoes during pregnancy can cause pain in the legs. It increases the risk of walking and falling feet.
  • Avoid over-bending and do not lift heavy things. Doing this can put pressure on your stomach, which can interfere with the development of the baby.
  • During pregnancy, no medicine should take without consultation with the doctor.
  • Stay away from stress. Read good books or listen to great music to avoid this.
  • Do not dine at all. The pregnant woman’s body needs more nutrients in the first month of pregnancy. In such a way, dieting can cause damage to the fetus.
  • Do not take the hot tub bath or sauna bath. The temperature during the sleeping shower is between 70 ° C to 100 ° C. This temperature is not right for pregnancy.

Tips For The Child’s Father

On the assumption of a woman’s pregnancy, the responsibility of the father of the child born to him increases. Since mother and father are equal partners in the happiness of childbirth, therefore, the burden of both of them equals during pregnancy. Below we are giving some tips that can help the child’s father to fulfill the duties of their share:

  • Do all the paperwork yourself; health insurance is necessary for the child’s mother and how much it will cost? the child’s father should take care of all these things.
  • Read about pregnancy: The child’s father should try to know more about pregnancy. It helps them to understand the feelings and needs of the child’s mother.
  • Maintain Restraint: Due to hormonal changes in the first month of pregnancy, there is continuous fluctuation in nature of the pregnant woman. Apart from this, he can also reveal the desire to eat again and again. In this way, the child’s father should work quietly and try to fulfill every minor need of the pregnant woman.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe to intercourse during the first month of pregnancy?

Yes, if you have never had a problem like abortion or premature delivery, you can have sex during this time. Still, consult your doctor about this once.

2. What can bleeding mean at the beginning of pregnancy?

In the first month of pregnancy, bleeding may occur due to fetal implants in the womb. Therefore, do not panic if this happens. Even if there is bleeding, your doctor should give this information.

3. Is there a pain in the lower abdomen in the first month of pregnancy?

Yes, in the first month of pregnancy can be a pain in the lower abdomen. This pain occurs due to the embryo implant in the womb. Usually, this pain goes away in one to two days.

We hope that in this article you have got all the information related to the first month of pregnancy. If you still have any questions, write it down in the comment box below.

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