Fourth Month Of Pregnancy - Symptoms, Development, And Changes

Fourth Month Of Pregnancy – Symptoms, Development, And Changes

Fourth Month Of Pregnancy – Symptoms, Child Development, And Physical Changes

Fourth Month Of Pregnancy – The first trimester of pregnancy ends, the pregnant get relief from some problems. G-dizziness and vomiting can reduce to a lesser extent than before. In this sense, the second Trimester is called Happy Season for a pregnant woman.

Here in this article of, We will give you essential information about the beginning of the second quarter. It is the fourth month of pregnancy. (16th week from the 13th week). In this article, there will be specific information about the symptoms of the fourth month of food and drink symptoms and precautions.

Symptoms Of The Fourth Month Of Pregnancy

By reaching the fourth month of pregnancy, the difficulties that occur during the early stages; such as live mucus, vomiting, etc. begin to decrease; but during this time you also have to take proper care of your health. Talk about the symptoms of the fourth month, then these symptoms noticed during this time:

  • Chest Burning (Heartburn): This problem can also saw in the fourth month of pregnancy. It happens due to the hormones released during pregnancy.
  • Increased hunger: In this month, desire begins to look good. Even you will start feeling hungry in a little while. Because of this, you can increase your weight too.
  • Indigestion: The problem of indigestion is more significant in the fourth month of pregnancy, and can continue till delivery. In such a situation, pregnant women often have to be two to four years of constipation.
  • Feeling Energy: There is no complaint about dizziness, vomiting, and chills like the first trimester. Because of this, you will feel better and realize yourself more energy.

Body Changes In The Fourth Month Of Pregnancy

Since it is the fourth month of pregnancy, So your pregnancy will now be reflected in your baby bump. You will start seeing the baby bump. Also, in the fourth month, you will see the physical changes mentioned below:

Skin changes: Due to the elevation of estrogen hormone, you have a significant effect on your skin. If you already have wax or a mole on the surface, then it will become darker. They can use sunscreen to prevent these joints.

Swelling on the nose: Due to the estrogen hormone, swelling occurs on the snitch in the fourth month of pregnancy, which can also cause the nose to close and blood may also come from the nose.

Hemorrhoids: Many pregnant women start having problems with piles in the fourth month of pregnancy. To avoid this, you can use a cream by asking the doctor.

Child Development And Size In The Fourth Month Of Pregnancy

As the time of pregnancy increases, you will begin to feel the movement of the child. It may happen that, for the first time in the fourth month of pregnancy, you think your child’s motion for the first time. But, know how much the baby develops in the womb for the fourth month:

  • The length of the baby in the womb is about six inches, and its size becomes close to a large orange. At the same time, the baby’s weight can be 113 grams. 
  • But, his skin is still thin, but the bones begin to get stronger.
  • Head, eyebrows, and eyelashes begin to come in this month.
  • Ear begins to develop, and he can hear some voices too.

Care In The Fourth Month Of Pregnancy

Since, in the fourth month of pregnancy, the baby develops and is fast, so during this, specialized care needs. Pregnancy catering will come first in particular attention. Know, what should a pregnant eat and what should not eat in the fourth month :

What do you eat in the fourth month of pregnancy?


  • Fiber-rich food

The problem of constipation is common in the fourth month of pregnancy. To get relief from this, you should eat fiber-rich foods; such as whole grains, oats, green leafy vegetables, etc.


  • Fatty acids

The baby should not have any risk of brain disorder or premature delivery, for that, eat enough amount of fatty acids.


  • Dairy Products

During this time, you and your infant need plenty of calcium. For this, take dairy products, such as milk, curd, cottage cheese, etc.


  • Meat

During this time you should also include meals in the catering, but keep in mind that whatever foods you eat, they are well cooked.


  • Fresh fruit

Fresh fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals, which are essential for pregnancy.


  • Iron food

Iron is more critical for your growing baby. It helps to develop the baby well. So, include pulses, spinach, and apples in the diet.

Do not eat these during the fourth month of pregnancy

On the one hand, where some things should include in their diet during pregnancy, but, it is essential to avoid eating some food items. Know what should not consume in the fourth month of pregnancy:


  • Soft Thing

Avoid eating soft cheese because it made from non-prescribed milk. It contains bacteria, which can damage the baby.


  • Flour

Pregnant women have a lot of constipation and indigestion; so avoid eating foods made from sweet potato. Maid messes your digestion, causing a constipation problem.


  • High Mercury Fish

Eat fish in pregnancy, but keep in mind that it is not high mercury. It can cause harm to the child.


  • Outdoor Dining

Do not overeat of your heart, but do not eat outdoors in pregnancy; because it makes of doubt about how cleanliness is taken care of when it made and no doubt. Due to this, food poisoning may be a problem.


  • Ladies

It can be harmful to the child for taking a child’s head during pregnancy. It affects the child’s brain development.

Exercise for the fourth month of pregnancy

Use in Pregnancy Pregnant and pregnant children can be beneficial for both; provided it is done correctly and by staying in the supervision of the instructor. Below we are going to tell who can exercise during the fourth month of pregnancy:

1. Walking

Moving in pregnancy proves to be beneficial. You can walk for a little while in the morning and evening, so you will not only be physically healthy, but also you will feel good still mentally. You can start a 10-minute walk in the beginning, then extend this time to go for half an hour daily.

2. Yoga

Yoga commendation in pregnancy. For this, you can do yoga by staying in the supervision of a coach. Apart from this, you can exercise your breath.

3. Aerobics in swimming and water

In pregnancy, it is advisable to do aerobics in swimming and water. It strengthens your muscles and gives stomach relief too.

4. Running slowly

If you already have a habit of running, then you can continue it even during this time of pregnancy; but run slowly in this condition. If you feel tired, stop running. 

Note: Keep in mind that you do not do any such exercise; which will put pressure on your stomach and do all the tasks on your doctor’s advice.

During The Fourth Month Of Pregnancy, Scan, And Test

If your pregnancy is going well, it is essential to keep the doctor in check from time to time; so that any problem arises, then it can be treated at the right time. Talk about the fourth month of pregnancy, during this time you can check the following:

  • Pregnant weight and blood pressure check
  • Measuring the size of the uterus
  • Urine screening for sugar and protein.
  • Examine the heartbeats of the fetus.

Besides these general tests, doctors do other investigations, which are as follows:

  • Ultrasound: This ensures that the embryo is developing correctly, or not. Also, an ultrasound, you can see that there is a child in the womb or a twin. At the same time, the correct position of the placenta can saw in an ultrasound.
  • Alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP) Test: This test is done to detect neural tube defects around the 16th week of pregnancy. At the same time, in the first trimester, there is a nucleus transliteration test to investigate this defect.
  • Integrated Prenatal Screening: Integrated Prenatal Screening complete in the fourth month of pregnancy; to detect disorders such as Down syndrome.
  • Amniocentesis test: This test does in the 15th to 18th week of pregnancy. If the baby under the doubt of a health-related problem in the womb, then it is examined.

Precautions During The Fourth Month Of Pregnancy – What To Do And What Not

You will need more precautions from the fourth month of pregnancy, especially during the work of the house. Here we are telling what should and should not do in the fourth month of pregnancy:

  • Keep an eye on your weight: Keep an eye on how much you are eating; and how much of your weight is increasing. Forget about this, that there should be two equal food in pregnancy. By doing so, your pressure will increase, which can cause difficulty during delivery. Eat just what you eat.
  • Sleep with the left step: sleep while sleeping. It improves blood flow and develops a good infant in the womb. You can put a pillow between your legs for your convenience.
  • Keep Tissue Paper With You: During the fourth month of pregnancy; there may be problems with nose bleeding and ear loss. For this, keep tissue paper with you and use it if you need it.
  • Pregnancy Clothes: Soon your clothes will start becoming tight. Now you wear loose fitting cotton clothes.
  • Rest is remarkable: Since the baby is developing rapidly in the womb, so you should rest as soon as possible.
  • Drink plenty of water: during this time you drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated. Try to drink eight to ten glasses of water a day. Also, eat foods containing fiber.
  • Do not sleep on the stomach: It can Tensions on the infant lying in the womb when doing this. Also, avoid lifting heavy luggage.

Tips For Having A Father

The responsibility of handling the pregnancy is as much as the woman has; the same happens to the father. So, here are some tips for our father:

Exercise Restraint: There are many types of hormonal changes in the womb during pregnancy; due to which they can become irritable and may get annoyed at the point of the talk. By seeing such behavior of your partner, you try to understand it. Take patience in this hour and play with a partner.

Spend time together: After a few months, a small guest will come to your home. If this is your first child, then soon you will be two to three. That’s why it’s time to spend a few moments with your partner alone. It will make both of you happy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the risk of miscarriage in the second quarter?

It is common for miscarriage in the first trimester, but there is less chance of a second quarter. In the second trimester, abortions can happen for many reasons, such as drinking, smoking, or having a physical problem. So, it should avoid food items that threaten the baby.

Is sex safe during the fourth month?

Yes, if you have not had any problem in the initial months; then sex is considered safe in the fourth month, but during this time the sex status should be taking care. Since this month your belly may have started growing lightly;  so try to get on top position (coming over the man’s man) during sex.


Since, the fourth Month starts in the second quarter; in this way many women should not do what they should do during this time that there is no information. In this way, we hope that the information given by us will come to you. If you have to ask a few more questions than this; then be sure to ask in the comment box below.

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