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How much weight gain is there in pregnancy?

How much weight will I gain during pregnancy?

On average, most women gain 10 to 12.5 kg by the end of pregnancy.

However, the rate of weight gain in pregnancy can be different in every woman and it depends on many things. You can use our pregnancy weight gain calculator to see if your weight gain is happening at the right rate. It is based on American advice and provides personalized guidance based on your height and pre-pregnancy weight.

Weight gain in pregnancy is a natural and healthy sign. Changes in the body are necessary for the proper development of the baby in the womb and to give him the right start of life.

One-third of extra weight.

When you reach the approximate date of delivery (due date), about one-third of your extra weight is made up of baby, placenta, and amniotic fluid. Every mother and every baby is different, but here are some average figures:

  • An average infant born at full term weighs between 2500 grams (2.5 kg) to 2900 grams (2.9 kg) at birth.
  • The placenta that nourishes the baby weighs 0.7 kg.
  • The weight of the amniotic fluid that supports and protects the baby is 0.8 kg.

Two-third of extra weight.

The other two-thirds of the increased extra weight is due to changes in the body during pregnancy. According to average figures:

  1. During pregnancy, the muscle layer of your uterus grows rapidly and its weight increases by an additional 0.9 kg.
  2. The amount of blood also increases and the body gains an additional 1.2 kg of weight.
  3. There is extra fluid in the body, which weighs about 1.2 kg.
  4. The weight of your breasts increases by an additional 0.4 kg.
  5. The extra fat stored during pregnancy weighs about 4 kilograms, in order to gain extra energy during breastfeeding.

How much your weight will actually increase in pregnancy depends on many reasons. Your BMI and catering are two of these reasons.

How your body will change in the next nine months also depends on your age, race, and level of exercise.


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