[Best] Yoga For Pregnancy

[Best] Yoga For Pregnancy

These five yogas should do by pregnant women every day.


Pregnancy Yoga
Pregnancy Yoga

pregnancy yoga: Whenever a woman is pregnant, the mood of her family becomes very happy in the joy of the arrival of the little guest.

Mother is also happy about the coming child, but for her pregnancy time is very stressful. If a woman is going to be a mother for the first time, then this tension is grown.

Like the fear of pain at the time of giving birth, worry about the health of your child, etc. Also, changes in the body cause stress.

But for the better development of herself and the child, the mother’s brain needs to remain calm. If the mind remains calm, then health will be excellent.

And pregnant will give birth to a healthy baby. Yoga is beneficial in keeping you away from stress. For this, it is necessary to do yoga Postures during pregnancy.

It is advisable to practice yoga Posture from the fourth month of pregnancy to the ninth month. Yoga not only relieves stress but also relieves pain during labour.

So let’s go for Yoga for Pregnant Women, which yoga will be beneficial during pregnancy. Before doing yoga Posture, please consult your doctor.

Yoga For Pregnant Lady.

(Aasana = Posture).

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Butterfly Posture- increase flexibility.

Butterfly posture can do from the third month of pregnancy. Do this Posture to increase the flexibility of the body.

Doing this opens up tension in the lower part of the body. It reduces the difficulty of the pregnant woman during reproduction.

To do butterfly posture, fold both the legs in the front and mix the soles, that is, the legs should make a pose of Namaste.

After, cross the fingers of both hands and hold the toes of feet and move feet up and down. Your back and arms should be straight. Do not perform this action more than 15 times.

Warning: If you feel pain in your lower back while doing this activity, do not do it at all.

Anulom Vilome – Improve Blood Circulation.

In pregnancy, increase the blood circulation in the body by performing this posture. Control your Blood pressure by doing this. This posture must do to remain relaxed in pregnancy.

To do this Posture, first of all, sit in Sukhasana. After this, close the right nostril with the thumb of the right hand and draw your breath inward.

Then close the hole on the left side with two fingers of the same hand, and remove the finger, and exhale from the right side. Repeat this process from the second nostril.

Ushtrasana – make the spine healthy.

By doing this Posture regularly, the spinal cord becomes strong. By doing this, the flow of blood is smooth, and the energy level also increases.

To do Uttrasana, stand on knees on the ground by laying a furrow. Now keep both your knees together and heels and feet together.

After this, while pulling the breath in, slowly tilt the body backwards. Now try to hold both ankles with both hands. In this position, keep the chin up and keep the neck straight.

Both your hands should also be straight.

Breathe in this position for 30 seconds to 1 minute and then slowly return to normal.

Parvatasana – relieve back pain.

In the course of pregnancy, emancipation provides relief from back pain. After doing this, the body does not become unformed.

To do this posture, first of all, sit comfortably in the Sukhasana. At this time, your back should be straight.

Now, while inhaling, raise both hands upwards and join the palms in the posture of Namaste. Keep elbows straight.

Stay in this posture for some time and then come back to normal. Do not do this posture more than two or three times.

Shavasana – for mental peace.

Women get mental peace during their pregnancy. It is an excellent Pregnancy Yoga. The speciality of this Posture is that by doing this, the baby growing in the womb develops well.

To do this Posture, lie flat on the bed and leave your hands and feet open. Then get completely relax and slowly take long breaths and release.

Above you know Yoga for Pregnant Women. If you are also pregnant, try yoga to give birth to yourself and a healthy baby. Do yoga under the supervision of a yoga teacher.

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