Seventh Months Of Pregnancy - Symptoms, Development, And Changes

Seventh Months Of Pregnancy – Symptoms, Development, And Changes

Seventh Month Of Pregnancy – Symptoms, Child Development, And Physical Changes

congratulation! You have passed the second trimester of pregnancy, and have moved into the third Trimester (Seventh Month of Pregnancy). Also, while the second quarter is named Happy Time, you have to be careful about the third trimester. Now when the delivery time is near, and the baby is overgrowing in the womb; they do not do any such thing; causing harm to you or the baby.

In this article of, valuable knowledge related to the beginning of the third trimester of pregnancy, i.e., the seventh month of pregnancy (25th week to 28th week) has been given.

Symptoms In The 7th Month Of Pregnancy

Some new signs saw in the seventh month of pregnancy. Not surely make all the symptoms feel good. Some symptoms also cause trouble. During this you may feel like this:

  • Braxton Hicks contraction: As the time of pregnancy increases and you move in the seventh month, you may contact Braxton Hicks. These are light-colored contractions, which can last from 30 seconds to one minute. Braxton Hicks is also named ‘false labor.’
  • Increased vaginal discharge: It is normal to have vaginal discharge in pregnancy. In the initial period, it prevents any infection from reaching the uterus. Over time, the head of the child puts pressure on the pelvic area; which leads to leakage from the vagina. It is normal, but if you start to get rid of this secretion, contact the doctor once.
  • Leakage from breasts: In the second trimester of pregnancy, the breasts begin to leak. It is thick and yellowish, which is named ‘colostrum.’ This leakage can occur at any time during the day. As the delivery time progresses, it becomes almost transparent, and this is a normal process.
  • Dyspepsia: The problem of indigestion is common in pregnancy. During this time, it may feel like bloating; chest burning and bubbling. This problem grows in the third Trimester. Due to the development of the baby; the digestive system does not work correctly, which makes problems of dyspepsia.

So, we learned the symptoms of the seventh month. Now know about the physical changes that happen during this time.

Body Changes In The 7th Month Of Pregnancy

Body changes are the beginning of your last Trimester now. By this time, your stomach will expand; and saw many types of physical changes. Below we are told what material changes saw in the body during the seventh month:

  • Your weight increases significantly for the seventh month, which is typical in pregnancy. By this time you can increase your pressure by about five kilos. Else, due to the increase of the uterus, stretch marks on the stomach will appear more.
  • During this time your uterus will come on the navel and sometimes it may be difficult to breathe. You may also have a problem sleeping with the uterus coming up.
  • The breast will grow more significant than before. The color around the nipple can be darker.
  • At this time, your stomach regularly grows so that you can have a problem with walking and bending.
  • It is common to have swelling in the body due to the high flow of blood.
  • You may have trouble breathing due to weight gain.

Let’s now know how the child develops in the seventh month of pregnancy.

Child Development And Size In The 7th Month Of Pregnancy

  • The baby develops more than half of the baby until the seventh month of pregnancy.
  • Your newborn can now respond to outside voices and also take crying with the Angadians.
  • By this month, the eyelids and eyebrows of the baby come.
  • Now the baby can also open eyes and can even close.
  • Apart from this, by the end of the seventh month of pregnancy, the infant is about 14 inches long and weighing around one kg.

Let’s now know how to take care of the seventh month.

Care In The 7th-Month Pregnancy

The seventh month of pregnancy is the beginning of the last quarter. Required special care during this time. How is your lifestyle; what you are eating and what you avoid; all this affects your pregnancy. Now we are going to talk about pregnancy eating.

Eat these things in the 7th-month pregnancy.

You must take special care of your diet in the seventh month of pregnancy. It is the last Trimester of pregnancy, so eat whatever nutritious you eat, so that you and the baby get rich nutrition. Know what to eat during this:

  • Iron-rich foods: In the third trimester To avoid blood loss, eats lots of iron-containing food. While pregnancy, take 27 mg of iron per day.
  • Calcium-rich food: Calcium is necessary for child development in pregnancy, Mainly in the third Trimester. But, there is no need to take extra calcium during this time. In the third trimester, consider one thousand mg of calcium.
  • Magnesium Food: Magnesium helps absorb calcium. Also, it reduces the cramping of the feet.
  • DHA-rich food: DHA is a fatty acid, which is necessary for the development of a child’s brain. It is suggested to take 200 mg DHA daily during pregnancy. For this, you can take low-level mercury, orange juice, milk, and egg.
  • Folic Acid: It is necessary to take folic acid for the spinal cord and brain growth of the baby. It helps save the baby from the disorder like spina bifida. For this, doctors also give a supplement to folic acid to pregnant ladies.
  • Fiber-rich food: During the seventh month, the uterus is immensely increased; due to which the digestive system of the stomach cannot work well. Because of this, often pregnant women have a problem with illness. To avoid this, eat as much fiber as possible food.
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is vital for the proper digestion of iron. For Vitamin-C, you can add orange and lemon in your diet.

Do not eat these things in the 7th-month pregnancy

Problems like chest pain, swelling, and constipation in the seventh month of pregnancy are common. By shunning diet, these problems can be relieved. Know what should not eat in the seventh month of pregnancy:

  • Spicy and more fat things: You should avoid eating all such things during which high oil spices have applied. These may increase the problem of irritation of the chest.
  • Excessive use of sodium: It is common to have swelling in the body. To avoid this, you have to reduce the number of sodium-Foods such as chips; canned food; market pickle; and more salt-containing items.
  • Caffeine, Alcohol: Tea-coffee consumption such as alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, and caffeine items should stave off during pregnancy. These prevent the development of the child.
  • Junk food: Avoid eating junk food such as pizzas, burgers, and outdoors. These things spoil your digestion and do not even have nutrients. If you want more, you can eat fresh vegetables such as carrots, cucumber and tomato sandwiches at home. Use the wheat flour bread to make sandwiches.

As exercise is beneficial, appreciate the task of the seventh month.

Exercise for the Seventh Month Pregnancy

Activity is vital for everyone. It not only keeps you physically healthful, but it also holds the freshness. Since it is the last quarter of pregnancy, so there should not be any such exercise which harms the baby. If you want, during this time you can go on a different and light walk, but more physical activities refused in this month.

Still, if you are interested in exercise; once you contact the specialist; they will tell you the proper training by looking at your physical condition.

After the seventh month of practice; let us now know which medical tests did in this period.

Scans And Tests During The Seventh Month Pregnancy

It is necessary to have a regular medical test in pregnancy so that the child’s development and health can observe regularly. Know which tests whole in the seventh month of pregnancy:

  • During this, doctors will examine the development of the baby. A urine test is done To explore the heartbeat of the baby; to detect Fatal Heart Rate monitoring; your blood circulation; uterus size; and any infection.
  • Also, complete the biophysical profile test and contract stress test (CST). This test happens with the help of ultrasound; where check-up the health of the baby’s heart. This test occurs in the third trimester of pregnancy.

You know Which tests consider this month. Now understand what cares you will need to take.

Precautions During The Seventh Month Pregnancy

During this time, you have to be cautious in your daily activities. Here we are coming to tell you some care, which will help you cross the seventh month of your pregnancy successfully.

What to do in the Seventh Month Pregnancy?

  • Catering: The most important of this is the right diet. You eat Omega-3 fatty acids in the seventh month of pregnancy. Use walnuts and seafood by asking the doctor.
  • Take a regular walk: Regular walks in the seventh month will be beneficial for you. It will ease you during labor.
  • Check regularly: It is essential to have a regular check with the doctor. Do not take any negligence in it. If examinations indicate that the baby needs extra nutrition, then it is your loyalty to improve your dose.
  • Take the necessary supplement: what you are eating in pregnancy is not just enough for you an infant. For the baby to develop correctly, it is essential for the doctor to take the required supplement.
  • Keep yourself busy: The closer the delivery time, the woman’s panic can increase as much. Therefore, do not overthink and try to keep yourself busy. If you want, you can read your favorite book or listen to your favorite music.

What to do in the Seventh Month Pregnancy?

  • Do not sleep in the wrong pose: In which pose you slumber during this period, it matters a lot. Avoid making a right turn or just napping. The position of sleep is considered to be the most correct by taking a turn to the left for pregnant women.
  • Do not fall further: This month, Not bending at all. Now your baby hit has increased, so by leaning forward, you can get pressure on it, which is harmful to the baby.

In the seventh month, some things can be a matter of concern. Know about them

Concerns During The Seventh Month Pregnancy

The seventh month of pregnancy makes many experiences. Also, you will feel comfortable feeling the movement of the baby inside you, while on the other hand there may be some other troubles. If you have problems mentioned below during the seventh month, you should contact the doctor immediately.

  • If excessive bleeding: Do not ignore intense bleeding in the seventh month. Sometimes placenta comes down to the cervix, which causes bleeding.
  • Pain a full stomach: be mild gastric pain due to the growing uterus is common, but if the pain you feel a speedy and unacceptable, contact the doctor without wasting time in such.
  • Contraction more than four times in one hour: The decrease that occurs during this period is called Braxton hicks (falls labor pen) contraction. Most of these start from the seventh month of pregnancy and can happen one or two in one hour. During this, you will feel the stomach muscles tightened. If this contraction is more than four times in one hour, then contact the doctor instantly. Occasionally it can increase the risk of early labor.
  • Always having vomiting: If you are vomiting, do not ignore it. Due to the lack of water in the body, dehydration is likely to vomiting.

Tips For Having A Father

So far, the doctor must have told you that your baby can now listen to outside voices. Therefore, this is the time to build a warm relationship even before the baby is born. You sing a song for him from outside, try to talk to him. Apart from this, we are giving some more tips for the future father, so that you can help your wife during this time

Help in work: You can help your wife by sharing hands in house works. If you can not cook food, then you can lighten the work by making the food fresh.

Keep the patience: In the last Trimester of pregnancy, there is a problem of skipping the woman. Hence, you can forget to put salt in the food or do any other work. In this case, you should agree on the condition of pregnancy and take control.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be done during the Seventh Month Pregnancy when having foot pain?

The cause of pain in the feet is common due to the increased weight. To get relief from this, you can get some light massage from the oil. If possible, walk the heel for a while. When lying down, keep the feet high by putting pillows under your feet, it will give you relief. Stretch in the legs. For this, you will feel comfortable with pulling joints and leg fingers slowly up.

How do I know whether my contraction, Braxton Hicks or Labor before time?

There is a difference between Braxton Hicks and Labor Pen. While the Labor Pen is always there, Braxton Hicks can be from 30 seconds to one minute. Labor’s pain starts from the back of the back and moves forward. At the same time, the stomach becomes stiff in Braxton Hicks. Braxton Hicks is excellent in the middle.

Can I sleep on my back during the Seventh Month Pregnancy?

During this period, ban to sleep on the back. By doing so, the pain, in the end, may increase, and the blood flow to the newborn may slow down. In this case, you are told to take a turn on the left and sleep.

We hope that you have gained the necessary information during the seventh month of this pregnancy in this article. If you still have any issues related to this, you can ask us in the comment box below. Also, do not forget to share this data with those familiar women, who are pregnant for the seventh month.

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