Importance Of Vitamin D During Pregnancy -

Importance Of Vitamin D During Pregnancy

Vitamin D and pregnancy

Read all about vitamin D’s Importance while Women are pregnant here!

Importance of Vitamin D – PregnancyLead: Are you expecting a child soon? That is lovely news! Try to pay extra attention to your diet during pregnancy. Right now, your body and your baby can use all the vitamins from the food well. You can read all the importance of vitamin D during pregnancy here!

What is the function of vitamin D when you are pregnant?

These are the most important functions of vitamin D during pregnancy:

  • Vitamin D Supports the healthy growth and development of your baby’s bones.
  • It is essential for the composition of children’s bones and teeth.
  • Vitamin D Contributes to the production of cells.
  • Also, Increases calcium absorption in the bones.

How much extra vitamin D do you need during pregnancy?

Pregnancy demands a lot from your body. The Health advises women to pregnancy ten micrograms of vitamin D per day to swallow. Women need extra vitamin D in pregnancy in the form of a supplement.

Where do we get the Vitamin D we need?

Our body gets this valuable vitamin from two primary sources: the food we eat and the exposure of our skin to sunlight, the latter being the most important (where we get between 60-80%). It is important to note that our skin regulates the production of this vitamin and that factors such as skin color or the use of sunscreen (even if only a factor of 8) can interfere with their formation.

Through diet, our body gets a minimal amount of vitamin D, although today there are many foods fortified with this nutrient. The main foods that contain vitamin are cod liver oil, fatty fish (whether fresh, smoked or canned), the yolk of eggs, mushrooms (mushrooms and mushrooms), meats as well as some fortified foods(such as some kinds of milk, juices, cereals ).

Do you have to eat extra during pregnancy?

It is crucial to get the right nutrition during your pregnancy because your baby also gets the nutrients from this diet. Folic acid is also an essential vitamin during your pregnancy. For example, eat broccoli more often, which contains a lot of folic acids, or fatty fish with a lot of vitamin D.

In short: you should take extra vitamin D during pregnancy. It is also wise to pay attention to your diet so that you get the right nutrients. View the Pregnant Nutrition Guide to see which nutrition is especially vital during pregnancy and which food you should avoid.

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