Why is ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic Pregnancy: Know Why Is This Position In Women

Ectopic Pregnancy: Know Why Is This Position In Women

Being a mother is a dream of all women, and when a woman realizes that she is pregnant. There is no place for her happiness. But this is the situation for the woman in which she has to face many problems. Especially when the doctor tells him that he is battling this type of pregnancy. She will have to take full care of his health and will need immediate treatment. Let’s know what happens, and why, what are the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy in women?

What is an ectopic pregnancy

The best place to connect yourself to the prepared egg is inside the uterus. But, when it connects anywhere outside the womb, this form of fertility is call up ectopic pregnancy. In some other situation, the fertilized egg connects itself to the fallopian tube. Hence it also calls tubal pregnancy. These tubes can not develop the embryo-like uterus, so in this situation, immediate medical treatment needs. Such pregnancy saw in 1 in 50.

Why is it possible

to have this pregnancy even when the shape of the fallopian tube is uncommon since the birth of this pregnancy?
Having any surgical procedure on fallopian tubes also causes problems in the movement of the ovaries; which threats to cause this pregnancy.
If there are inflammatory diseases in Pelvic or if the woman has pelvic surgery; Then the probability of this type of pregnancy increases.
It changes in this pregnancy increase in women who smoke. Apart from this, women who are 35 years of age or older also have an ectopic pregnancy risk.

Symptoms of ectopic pregnancy

Most of the time, a few weeks after pregnancy, the woman becomes ectopic pregnancy. By that time, the woman does not even know that she is pregnant; So there is no sign of ectopic pregnancy. However, some common symptoms of experience later. Through these symptoms, it can easily detect whether this pregnancy or not.

  • Stomach, shoulders, neck, and pelvis have acute pain and then recover yourself. Due to the breakdown of this pregnancy, this pain is due to the collection of blood under the diaphragm.
  • You are bleeding from the vagina, which is more or less light than an average period.
  • Signs such as weakness, dizziness, and unconsciousness can presents.
  • Severe pain in one part of the stomach can present.
  • Pressure on rectal.
  • Extreme dizziness and vomiting.

If you are pregnant and you see any of these symptoms, you should immediately show the doctor. Otherwise, your condition may be more serious.

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